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What we offer?

We provide real life speaking activities where each student gets a chance to express her or his ideas in English. Our curriculum is developed by our very own teachers and it’s tailored to each student’s personal interests!

At Habitat, students benefit from our Living Learning English method, specially designed to make English learning fun and everlasting. Activities include cooking, creative drama, blogging, film analysis, filmmaking, storytelling, reading/writing, cultural celebrations, song writing/music, etc.

Our groups are created based on students’ age and English level, and include maximum 8 attendees. Our genuinely crafted classes are undertaken with our native and native-level teachers and staff. For inquiries and enrollment details, please call us today!

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Elementary School Students

Age 7-10
Early age is the best for a new language acquisition. In this critical period we establish a solid foundation.

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Middle School Students

Age 10-13
Just grammar and vocabulary are not enough for a new language acquisition. We also offer cultural understanding and intensive practice in speaking.

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High School Students

Age 14-17
Exposure to the language is the best way to advance. We do not only speak in English in class but at all times all around Habitat.

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Numbers don't lie!

We do surveys each year in order to assure the quality for every year. Here are some percentages from our latest findings.

Happy Students

97 percent of our student are very happy and satisfied with their education here at Habitat! 

Happy Parents

96 percent of our parents are recommending Habitat to their friends and family! You can ask them.

Happy Teachers

All of us here at Habitat are 100 percent happy to be here. We do what we love and we love what we do!

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